South Jersey Boudoir Photographer

"She is not fragile like a flower, she is fragile like a bomb"

"She is not fragile like a flower, she is fragile like a bomb"

Boudoir photography

Empower Yourself

I believe in creating a safe space for every woman to feel beautiful and unapologetically fierce. Boudoir photography is a luxury experience and should always feel that way. Your dream boudoir photoshoot is what I will provide every time.

South Jersey Boudoir Photographer

Treat yourself to a confidence boost...


-Queens everywhere

The Experience


During your consultation we will cover every question you have. I want to get to know you and what you expect out of your dream session. We will discuss looks, poses and even products that you'll want

This is for you

Before your session

Following our initial consultation I will be personally sketching poses tailored to you and your vision. You're welcome to share your own ideas with me as well!

You are Beautiful

Session Day

Get ready to feel POWERFUL! Relax and be pampered so that you feel 100% confident in front of the camera. I will guide you through posing for the best shots. All you have to do is show up ready to have fun and love yourself

You deserve to feel great

After your session

You will walk out of your session feeling so empowered and so beautiful that you can take on the world! I get to editing right away and carefully hand edit each one of your images to perfection.

You are unstoppable

Reveal & Ordering Appointment

The best part! Once your images are ready, we will schedule your appointment. Come ready to be blown away! You finally get to see all of your gorgeous images and choose which images will go in your album as well as other products that you want.

Make it happen, You've earned it

It's okay to live a little,
splurge a little, and
feel drop dead gorgeous
every once in a while

Boudoir by Jessica St John
South jersey boudoir photographer

All sessions include pre-consultation, professional image retouching, private password protected online viewing gallery or in-person image reveal, ordering services and delivery

*0% In-house payment plans available*

*I am SW safe*

South Jersey Boudoir Photographer

What are you waiting for?

Unveil your inner GODDESS

South Jersey Boudoir Photographer

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South Jersey Boudoir Photographer

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What if I don't have a model body?

Boudoir photography is for you to celebrate your beauty free of judgement or comparison to anyone else. Many of us do not have a 'model body' because it isn't our full time job to work on ourselves and we live busy lives. The only requirement is that you come prepared to love yourself and feel comfortable in your own skin.

Who is this for?

Call these sessions what you will;
Boudoir, empowerment, love yourself sessions. These are for everyone, these are for you! Any age, body type, scars, stretch marks etc. These sessions are to celebrate YOU AS YOU ARE!

How much does it cost?

My boudoir collections offer a range of options to work with most budgets as well as in-house payment options to make it easy for everyone to get the full experience. This is not a one size fits all process as different clients have different product needs. The consultation is free and you will have all of the information you need after that to make your decision. Session fees depend on the type of experience you desire. Additionally, my client minimum investment is 699 at your ordering appointment. Some spend that and some spend much more depending on the products and album choices they make. Let's chat and figure out what works best for you!

What if I don't know how to pose?

During our consultation we will discuss the types of looks and poses that you want to achieve and I will be there to guide you through the process. This is a luxury experience and I don't want you to stress about posing. Many of my clients have never done this before and think they wont be good at it. This is my job which means no skill is required on your part.

Where are the sessions held?

There are a few options for locations. I have done sessions outdoors or at my client's homes but for those looking for that 'magazine' high end look, I usually book an Airbnb or a hotel room in a high end hotel locally.

How is your pricing structured?

You are welcome to pay for everything up front at booking if you choose, however, my standard setup looks like this:
(Session fee total) + tax
-50% retainer to book your session is paid
-Balance is due in full no later than 7 days prior to your session

Products will be purchased seperately at your ordering appointment. The minimum investment is 699 and you will see the full collection menu beforehand to better prepare.

How are my images shared?

Your gallery will be private and password protected. Only you and the people you choose to share the images with will be able to see the gallery. All sneak peeks will be shared with you privately. Part of your initial consultation questionnaire includes sharing options so that you have the opportunity to let me know if you would like your images shared in any other ways. Any boudoir images that you see on my site or social media have been approved by the client for sharing and I fully respect your privacy preferences.

What is your policy on nudity?

You are free to go as bare as you dare. Nudity is NOT required. Some clients prefer implied nudity where they appear nude but everything is concealed by the pose or sheets. Some clients do the entire session nude but with a white sheet wrapped around them so nothing is ever truly exposed. This is something we will cover in our consultation.

Which payment types do you accept?

I accept cash, credit and debit payments as well as Paypal. A retainer is due at the time of booking and the balance is due up to 7 days prior to your session. I also offer 0% in-house payment plans.

How are my images edited?

When I edit images I enhance them, not manipulate them. This means I perfect tones, lighting and colors in post processing. I also touch up obvious blemishes in both the background and on skin (i.e. removing obvious acne, scratches, bruises, some light skin smoothing, etc.). I do not manipulate body shapes, weight, hair styles or outfit colors and condition. I am a firm believer in capturing beauty in everyday life- bringing out your best features through posing and angles. My ultimate goal is to provide you with images that you will love but I ask that you do everything possible to come to your session looking the way that you want your images to turn out. Advanced editing is available for an additional fee and will delay the delivery of your gallery.

Do you offer couple sessions?

Yes! Be sure to bring this up in our consultation meeting so we can can discuss the level of intimacy you desire to capture. Please note that I will not capture any 'pornographic' type images as that is not the type of work I do.

What do I wear?

The goal of your session is to make you look and feel amazing. You are welcome to wear whatever you'd like and we can certainly go over some outfit choices and options to come up with ideas. Nudity is never required and this is all dependent on your comfort level. We can also discuss themed sessions if that is more your interest. Most of my clients will wear bodysuit style lingerie, something with some lace or silk, light robes or oversized button up shirts.

What is your alcohol policy?

I do not serve alcohol. If you feel you must drink, I recommend you limit yourself to no more than two drinks before your session and please do not 'pregame'.
I recognize the desire to relax a little and celebrate, however, drinking can lead to dopey or sleepy eyes (not a good look), blotchy redness on skin (which will not be corrected in Photoshop) and may contribute to poor decision making. If you feel you must consume, please do so responsibly.
If I feel your behavior is being influenced by alcohol/drugs, your session will be stopped and your session fee will NOT be refunded.

May I share my sneak peeks and images on social media or otherwise?

The decision to share your images is completely up to you, however, if you are choosing to share I do require you to leave my watermark visible and intact on all sneak peek images with no additional editing. Furthermore, if you are sharing digital images that you have purchased, I ask that you not add additional editing/filters to the images and discretely tag my business page in the post.

Screen shots are not allowed as it distorts the quality of my work and misrepresents what I deliver. If there is a specific image that you would like to share that I have not sent you as a sneak peek, please reach out to me to get a high quality watermarked image to post.

Can I bring someone with me?

Your comfort and experience are my top priority. Bringing someone along to encourage you and provide moral support can be permitted providing the following:
-You notify me BEFORE the day of your session that you plan to bring someone and who they are
-Over the age of 18
-Encouraging and helpful, not critical or cynical
-Not distracting to your attention

Spouses and partners are not allowed unless you have booked a couples session.

Can you edit a few images specifically for me to share?

Yes! Many times I have clients that are so excited to share their images on social media but do not want certain parts of the images shown (nipples, butt, crotch, etc.) and have asked me to blur or crop those parts or even parts of their faces or tattoos so that the image is a little less revealing. I can absolutely do that for you upon request using techniques that keep the images intact and beautiful without looking tacky and cheap.

Why do people get these types of images done?

To start, boudoir images make for a great gift for a partner or spouse. A gorgeous genuine leather album filled with classy, powerful, sexy images of their loved ones certainly brings the spark and excitement back into a relationship or just keeps it alive! It's very popular to do these before your wedding and gift it to your fiancé the night before but Valentine's Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas, random Tuesday's and so on are all great times to gift these!
Now, however, people are turning to boudoir sessions for a more intimate reason. Self love! Having boudoir photos done will not only make you feel special and beautiful but it gives you this sense of on top of the world empowerment. This incredible high of I am amazing. Many people get these done to celebrate a major milestone in their lives, new career, divorce, picking up the emotional pieces after a breakup, losing weight, the gift of motherhood, etc. Sometimes we need to do something for ourselves and remember that we are beautiful, we are powerful, we are amazing and we deserve to feel great! The confidence boost alone is worth it all.

What about Hair and Makeup?

Professional hair and makeup services are available, optional and highly recommended. My hair and makeup artist team are very skilled to make you look well polished for your session. With years of experience these women can make anyone feel like a BOMBSHELL! Besides, being pampered is all part of the fun!

Do you sell digital files?

Yes! I offer high resolution digital files of your edited images. These are purchased on a sliding scale and become more economical the more you purchase. Many of the products available include the digital files as well, so most of my clients end up receiving the digital files for free!

Do you have a portfolio of boudoir work that i can see?

Of course! I only share work that I have been given permission to share and some clients have requested that their images not be shared publicly. They have allowed me, however, to share them in a private invite only gallery. Please message me for access to those images.